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My mind exists at an intersection of creativity and curiosity. Being based in New York City enables me to explore the intricacies of human interactions and interests, learning in-depth about the culture, influences, and trends that affect our actions and condition our reactions to the world around us. I translate this knowledge into my personal and professional social media marketing work.

I specialize in social media strategies, content development, and delivering creative outputs. I aim to drive and empower self- and social empowerment in digital and social spaces. My content is an extension of my creative tendencies, aesthetic preferences, and overall personality.

At New York University, I studied the intersections of media, business, and technology on global audiences. My objective is to find an outlet through which I can translate my studies into tangible goals, products, and results. 

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My Timeline

Life is never linear, and I've recently come to understand what that means. From the beginning of my life to where I am now, nothing has been typical or ordinary... and that is why I see my timeline as interesting and worth sharing. I hope you enjoy my story.

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Birthplace: Vietnam
Current Location: USA


Growing up in Henderson, KY


Becoming a Ballerina

June 2000

On the 10th day of July, in 1999, I was born in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. That is the extent to which I can tell you about my life in my birth country. I can share what my parents told me based on their trip to my homeland to adopt me on this date. Even though I am Vietnamese by birth, I am American by association, and much of my life has been trying to find and reclaim my cultural identity.

August 2001

As an Asian girl in one of the most rural, homogenized states, developing an identity was not without challenges. To add to that differentiation, my father was the superintendent of my school district. There were many obstacles I had to overcome just to establish a sense of self and community in a place where everyone else looked foreign to me. Nevertheless, I never hid behind the white aegises that were my parents. I found a way to adapt and overcome.

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June 2016

This was a time of passion. After high school, I took a road less traveled; I took 2 gap years to chase my dreams of becoming a professional ballerina. After numerous national auditions, I secured a trainee position dancing at the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago, IL. I could finally dedicate my heart and body to the art form I'd been passionate about since I was a young girl. Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold, and I soon learned that some dreams are more for satisfying the soul than for setting things in reality.

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I'm a Student Again

August 2018

Hanging up my pointe shoes and tutus for school books and 1000-word essays, I attended NYU two months after my Joffrey Ballet traineeship ended. It's not uncommon for dancers at my level to pivot to another life pursuit, whether it's college or modeling or anything in between, but the adjustment to academics was disheartening... at first. Maybe it was the excitement that I'd get to spend my first year in London or maybe it was the yearning to do something new. Either way, NYU was a fantastic experience that opened my eyes to the world.

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