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These writing samples are pulled from the breadth of my college essays-- purposes range from creative to critical to analytical.

Copyright Debates: Music, Art, and Dance

Three separate debates diving into the legal, social, and cultural nuances of giving copyright protection to three different art forms: sampling/remixing, graffiti, and choreography.

Netflix: The Shift from DVDs to Streaming

An analysis of Netflix's history, vision, and decision-making skills in becoming the streaming empire it is today.

Riot Games Music: Abbreviated Case Study (2021)

An exploration of the music universe developed and sustained by Riot Games, revealing the former's impact on the successful storytelling and character development of the latter.

Cameo: Extended Case Study (2021)

A dissection of Cameo's history, industry, and business strategies, framing the discussion around core competencies and future implications.

Embracing the Technology-Driven Chaos

An anecdotal story capturing the impact of technology and its concomitant "chaos" on individuals and society.

Ballet: What's the Pointe?

Critically analyzing the intersection of ballet, cinema, and perception versus reality.

NFTs: An Alternative Intersection for Creativity and Copyright

An extended debate posited at the intersection of creativity, technology, and copyright, exploring the copyrightability of NFTs.

Cultural Hegemony in the Age of Trump: The Intersection of Right-Wing Populism, Commercial Media, and White Supremacy

A critical essay analyzing the impact of right-wing populism, commercial media, and white supremacy on cultural hegemony.

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