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3 Copyright Debates: Music, Art, and Dance

Copyright: Sampling/ Remixing

Prompt: Copyright regulations should recognize music sampling and/or remixing not as infringement, but as fair use, or as a creative skill in its own right, worthy of protection—agree or disagree.

Copyright_ Sampling_Remixing
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Copyright: Graffiti

Prompt: Although graffiti cultures have developed their own codes of conduct, the perennial (since the 1980s) commercial appeal of graffiti suggests copyright should offer protection to graffiti as a form of pictorial or graphic art—agree or disagree.

Copyright_ Graffiti
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Copyright: Choreography

Given the monetization of individual dance moves in the video game Fortnite, and the industry precedent this sets; and/or the increasing opportunities for monetization through social media platforms like TikTok, copyright policies should expand protection of choreographic works to individual dance moves—agree or disagree.

Copyright_ Choreography
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